Demystifying Revenue Recognition for Subscription Companies

The recording of the webinar is now available!

Recording Available Here

Thank you for making the webinar a success. Our guest speakers had a discussion on billing system configuration, product pricing, customer payment methods, and how software enables ASC 606 compliance.

They also explored the challenges and solutions in the unification of Sales and Finance and did a deep dive into topics like recognizing deferred revenue, “rev-rec” for bundled products/services and revenue recognition reporting, configuration, pricing & payment obligations.


Ludmila Marandjeva

Jay Swaminathan

Allen Justh

Brian Campbell

VP, Corporate 


Chief Executive 


Sr. Director of Sales & Alliances

Senior Business Systems Analyst & Revenue Recognition Expert

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ASC 606 Compliance

Subscription Environment


How does the new ASC 606 standard impact board reporting - was it easier to align with the typical KPIs board need?

What are the typical products in a subscription environment and how they affect revenue?

Are my volume rebates and discounts appropriately reflected in the transaction price?

Incremental Costs

Contract Terms

Customer Acceptance

Are you properly capitalizing and amortizing incremental costs such as sales commissions?

What are the typical other contract terms that need to be considered as that directly impact revenue recognition?

What are the typical issues you see in day-to-day management of this process?

Speakers Bio

Ludmila Marandjeva

VP, Corporate Controller, Addepar

Ludmila is the VP, Corporate Controller at Addepar. Her responsibilities include leading the accounting organization, maintaining key accounting processes and financial statements, while supporting and enabling business every step of the way. She has over 15 years of experience at Ernst & Young, Cisco, and MobileIron, Inc.

Jay Swaminathan

CEO & Principal Consultant, AppWrap

Jay is a CPA and an Indian Chartered Accountant and has focussed the last 20 years on business automation, compliance, and SOX areas. At AppWrap, he focuses on Order to Cash automation and revenue recognition.

Brian Campbell

Senior Business Systems Analyst, Spirent

Brian is the Senior Business Systems Analyst at Spirent where he supports JDEdwards Enterprise One - Finance, Sales Order, and Purchasing modules. He also manages Salesforce integration support and Amazon Web Services billing and cost management for JDE E1 hosting.

Allen Justh

Sr. Director of Sales & Alliances, Standav

Allen is the Sr. Director of Sales & Alliances at Standav. He helps customers improve their business through digital transformation. Through his expertise, he ensures that customers and partners are given the best implementation and support experience possible on their Quote to Cash and Salesforce ecosystem journey.

Standav is a leading solutions provider that delivers Quote-to-Cash transformations, Billing & Price Management, and experts in Enterprise Sales Transformation to help enterprises revolutionize the customer experience.

AppWrap provides cloud computing solutions and services for emerging and mid-sized businesses. They’re known for their elite mix of automation, risk, and compliance professionals focussed on enhancing enterprise efficiency, optimizing risk, and supporting compliance efforts.

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